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August 2, 2023

Top 8 Best Bitcoin APIs

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Shipton

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There are many different bitcoin APIs and cryptocurrency APIs on the market these days. Determining which API is the best will depend largely on what you want to use it for.

Do you want to develop a personal crypto trading bot? Maybe you’re interested in building a payment platform, business settlement solution, or currency exchange app. Or maybe you’re just interested in learning more about cryptocurrency exchange rates and toying around with crypto data.

Whatever your use case, there is a cryptocurrency API that can help you. This article looks at the eight best free and paid cryptocurrency APIs. These are not specifically “bitcoin APIs” — they contain data for all types of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin.

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Top Bitcoin APIs of 2023

This is a list of the best crypto APIs that developers can use to build apps that need crypto data.

AbstractAPI Currency Exchange Rates and FOREX API

The AbstractAPI Currency Exchange API is not a crypto API, but it has cryptocurrency exchange rate data as well as data about other fiat currencies. The API returns information for the top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Abstract has the most generous free API tier of any of the cryptocurrency exchange APIs on this list, allowing for up to 5000 requests per month. Commercial use is not permitted at the free level. Paid options start at $9 per month for 10,000 requests.

This is a great free API for developers who need a quick and easy cryptocurrency exchange rate API, or who are in the early stages of development and don’t want to pay a lot to test a development currency exchange app. It’s also a great API for those looking to build a personal project.

AbstractAPI’s services are used by Nokia, Google, Stanford, and Shopify, among others. The endpoints are protected by an api key and HTTPS secured, and allow access through HTTP protocol.

Binance API

Binance is one of the biggest names in crypto trading and crypto APIs, and even has its own cryptocurrency: Binance Coin. The Binance API is more than a currency exchange API; it also offers access to Spot and Margin trading endpoints, as well as Futures and Options APIs.

If all you need from your bitcoin API is currency exchange data for a personal project, Binance may be too much for your purposes. The documentation is quite dense and can be difficult to parse because there is so much data. However, Binance also offers the Binance Academy, where you can learn about cryptocurrencies and how to implement their APIs.

If you are building an app that needs access to staking endpoints, mining endpoints, futures endpoints, and spot account/trading then Binance is what you need. As well as the simple REST endpoints, Binance also offers Wesockets for streaming live data. There is a generous free tier that allows up to 1200 requests per month.

Prices for the API are not listed online. Use the contact form on the website to request a quote tailored to your purposes.


Swapzone is one of the top cryptocurrency APIs. It's an exchange API that compiles exchange rate data for over 1000 cryptocurrencies. The API provides not only exchange rate data, but can also be used to build crypto wallets, payments services, calculators, and portfolio trackers.

The API has data from over 20 crypto exchange providers, compiled into a single REST API. They guarantee stability and uninterrupted API operation. They deal with all the top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and many more.

Information about prices is not available online, but you can send a request via the contact form on their website for a quote. This API solution is best for businesses looking to provide a custom crypto platform for their customers and maximize the profits from their platform traffic.

Coinbase API

When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, Coinbase is one of the biggest names out there. Coinbase also hosts a number of APIs that handle everything from bitcoin trading to authentication and user sign-in. Crypto data in all Coinbase APIs are available to developers who create a Coinbase account and sign up for a private API key.

Coinbase’s Prime APIs are intended for use by institutions that need to manage crypto assets programmatically. Other APIs include an Exchange API that offers real-time access to market and exchange rate data, the Wallet API, which allows apps to connect to Coinbase Wallet, and Coinbase Sign In, which allows developers to integrate user’s Coinbase accounts with their products.

Most of Coinbase’s APIs offer access by REST, Websockets, and Fix. The documentation is excellent and well-organized. Some of the APIs require the developer to sign up for a Coinbase Prime (business) account. There is no cost to create a Coinbase Prime account, however, API prices are not visible until you have signed up.

Coin API

Coin API is a trusted crypto data provider that has data on over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges in its API. The API has a REST endpoint that delivers data in either JSON, XML, or CSV format. Coin API also allows access through Websockets or FIX. Coin API is capable of delivering over 45,000 updates per second.

Coin API maintains separate endpoints for crypto metadata, crypto exchange rates, trades, OHLCV, historical data, and quotes. There are also Coin API SDKs for major programming languages available on Github.

The free tier is less generous than others on this list: it is limited to 100 requests per day, with no support and no FIX access. To get FIX access, you’ll need to pay for the top tier which is $600 per month and includes priority email support. The medium tiers are $79 and $249 per month, and allow limited access to Websockets with basic email support.

Coinlayer API

Coinlayer Cryptocurrency API is another REST API that returns data for over 25 exchanges and up to 385 cryptocurrencies. Data is returned in JSON format, and the API is secured by HTTPS. Coinlayer API is backed by multiple renowned data sources, meaning current crypto data and historical data is always accurate and current.

Coinlayer maintains separate API endpoints that primarily deal with cryptocurrency exchange data. There are endpoints for live data, historical data, and conversions. The API allows you to pass an option for a JSON callback, to be run after your API request has been processed.

Coinlayer is best for personal use and for developing simple cryptocurrency exchange apps, however, those unwilling to pay for a crypto API may be better off looking elsewhere: the free tier allows for just 100 requests per month and has limited support. The next tier, which costs $9.99 per month, provides access to the conversion endpoint, technical support, and up to 5000 requests per month.

CoinCap API

CoinCap collects real-time data on pricing and market activity for over 1000 cryptocurrencies. It is free for all users, simple to use, and is a great tool for aggregating prices and exchange rates. However, it is not a reliable source for historical data.

CoinCap API is best for solo developers and small teams looking for a solution to help them build personal projects and test app ideas. CoinCap offers access via an HTTPS-protected REST endpoint, as well as via Websockets for live streaming data.


Wyre offers a core set of useful cryptocurrency API features. The Wyre checkout widget allows businesses to implement a solution that lets users purchase crypto using fiat currency in just a few lines of code. They also have APIs that manage crypto purchases by credit card, handle global payments by crypto, implement wallets, and handle trades and swaps.

Wyre APIs are free to get started with by signing up for a Wyre developer account. They recommend you go through the entire onboarding process, which includes signing up for a test account where you can generate test API keys to try out the endpoints without incurring fees or actually hitting the blockchain network.


No matter what you want to build with crypto, there is an API out there to help you do it. Whether you are a solo developer who simply wants to get your feet wet, or a large team looking to implement a bespoke payment solution for your business, one of the best crypto APIs on this list will be right for your needs.


What is the best cryptocurrency API?

There is no single “best” cryptocurrency API. The best API is the one that is best suited for your needs and purposes, and that meets your price point. While some crypto APIs are fully featured and provide endpoints for wallet-building, futures trading, and more, you may not need access to all that if you are just a solo developer dabbling in the world of crypto.

Start with the cheapest, most basic API that meets your needs, and go from there.

What is the most reliable crypto app?

Some of the top crypto apps include Binance, Coinbase, and Robinhood. These are all well-renowned, big names in cryptocurrency that are known to have excellent stability and uptime. However, before choosing a crypto app, it’s important to evaluate your own needs and determine what you want from an app.

Is crypto API free?

There is no single “crypto API,” however, there are a number of free crypto APIs currently available for developers and hobbyists to use. Most of the top cryptocurrency apps maintain APIs, and most of those APIs have a free tier that allows a limited number of requests per month or per day for testing and building apps.

Which cryptocurrency API is best?

The best crypto API will be the one that best meets your needs and price point. There are many crypto APIs out there, most run by reputable cryptocurrency companies like Binance and Coinbase. Companies like these give users access to the same crypto data that the company uses to build their own apps through secure endpoints.

Which exchange has the best API?

Depending on what you need an API to do, Binance and Coinbase both have excellent APIs. The documentation is clear and thorough, and the data is guaranteed to be accurate and up-to-date. These exchanges provide access to market data that can be used to build wallet apps, exchange apps, trading apps, and more.

Does Binance allow an API?

Yes, Binance has an API. It is open to any developer who wants to sign up for a developer account. 

Does Coinbase allow an API?

Yes, Coinbase has an API. It is open to any developer who wants to sign up for a developer account.

Is there a blockchain API?

While there is no single “blockchain API” there are many crypto exchanges out there that allow access to the crypto data they use to build their apps and exchanges through API endpoints. These endpoints are protected and provide up-to-date market data to anyone who wants to use it. Most have a free tier and prices increase depending on the type of data access and frequency of access.

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