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Why do 10,000+ developers trust Abstract?

Easy to implement and maintain

We built Abstract because most of the API's we've used in the past simply weren't great. Our APIs are built the way we think API's should be: with excellent documentation, multiple easy to use libraries, and tutorials to get you started.

Built for speed and scale

Something like an IBAN API is probably part of critical business processes and flow, so we built it (as all of our APIs) for use at scale and at blazing speeds. These aren't just marketing phrases, but fundamental features of our APIs.

Reliable uptime and great support

Developers trust Abstract because of our reliable uptime and excellent technical support that will help get you live quickly, keep you running smoothly, and resolve any issues you have fast regardless of where you are or what you're building.

Enhance your sales, onboarding, and other processes
with Abstract's IBAN Validation API

Coverage for the EU and 90+ countries beyond

The API strictly follows the guidelines and most updated data from the ISO and other member organizations and banks to ensure Abstract's IBAN validations are highly accurate and up to date.

A REST API that's fast and powerful

Abstract is built by developers for developers, and that means providing the right balance of simplicity and power in a single, modern REST API. This includes clear API documentation and fast, knowledgable support.

CSV upload available for bulk queries

If you have a one time use case or are not technical, Abstract supports querying the IBAN Validation API via CSV and executing bulk queries. It's easy to use directly from the Abstract dashboard.

Bank-level security & GDPR for all queries

Abstract is built with security and privacy at the top of our mind. All data you send to the IBAN Validation API is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS). Make sure you are GDPR compliant by using our GDPR cookie banner creator.

Simple, transparent, and cost-effective pricing



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  • 10 requests
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  • 5,000 requests / month
  • 25 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
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  • 20,000 requests / month
  • 100 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Dedicated support




  • 50,000 requests / month
  • 100 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Dedicated support

Frequently Asked Questions
about Abstract's IBAN Validation API

What is an IBAN?

IBAN stands for "International Bank Account Number" and is an international standard to represent and identify bank accounts across countries in order to facilitate payments. The system was first started in Europe by the European Committee for Banking Standards, and has since grown into an international standard.

Where is IBAN used?

Although IBAN started in Europe, it has since been adopted by 77 countries as of May 2020. Furthermore, countries like the US and Canada may not support IBAN themselves, but banks within them may use the IBAN system to facilitate payments to countries and banks that do support the IBAN system.

IBAN Validation API Changelog

Last Updated on 

September 5, 2023

September 5, 2023


Improved error messages to specify types of format inconsistencies

August 3, 2023


Optimized backend for handling high-volume validation requests

July 4, 2023


Updated documentation and migrated to a new provider: https://docs.abstractapi.com/iban-validation

May 29, 2023


Introduced a feature for validating IBANs with non-standard structures

July 6, 2021


The IBAN Validation API is now out of beta!

Developers around the world love Abstract's IBAN Validation API

Abstract's IBAN Validation API has saved us hours of work and headaches in avoiding incorrectly sent payments.

Jerry Sandar, Afterpay

We were maintaining the IBAN checksum internally for a while, but it's way easier and less stressful to just trust Abstract with this. We've never looked back!

Tina German, Source Port Advisors

It took us less than an hour to get started with the IBAN API and the support has been great too! Check out their exchange rate API and VAT validation API too!

Michelle Villager, Poplaunch


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