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StrikeIron email verification

Brian Wu

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Email verification is the process of checking that the given email exists and that it can receive a message.

This process has several steps. It is necessary to check not only that the email conforms to the standard format, but also the existence of a domain name, the presence of a correctly configured mail server, and the ability of the server to accept emails to the specified address.

Email address verification ensures that your email list is accurate and error-free so that emails can be delivered to real email accounts. This is very important in the email marketing process.

Let's take a look at the main benefits of using an email verifier.

  1. Removal of invalid emails. It can significantly reduce the email bounce rate, as well as reduce the cost of sending emails for your email marketing campaign.
  2. Some email addresses are scams and do not belong to a real person. With email verification, you can be sure that you are not sending an email to such dangerous email accounts.
  3. Ability to define universal mail servers. These are the servers that accept all sent emails, even if the mailbox does not exist. This may be a problem for you, because the email may seem good at first, but later the email will be rejected.
  4. Detecting temporary accounts. Often randomly generated temporary email accounts are used. They work only for 48 hours. You can identify such accounts in your list and delete them.
  5. When you send emails, you build a reputation with email service providers and ISPs. Reputation is based on how many times recipients mark your email as spam and how many times emails are bounced back. With verified email lists, you don't send emails to accounts that mark them as spam or cause bounces. This will help protect your reputation as a sender, which is very important for email marketers.

Despite all the advantages described above, the email address verification process does not always work 100% accurately. In addition, email list checking services are paid and can become too expensive when scaled up. Finally, the process of checking a large list of emails can take quite a long time.

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How Does StrikeIron Verify Emails?

StrikeIron allows you to validate email deliverability and correctness with a simple four-step process. You can verify that the email address is formatted correctly and that the entire address on both sides of the "@" is correct.

StrikeIron's solutions use self-learning algorithms to detect email domains associated with spam networks, traps, and other malicious threats. For each email address, it assigns a status code that indicates whether the address is valid, invalid, or malicious. You can choose to delete it or keep it in your database.

When entering an email, you should be careful not to make mistakes, because StrikeIron does not provide such functions as typo checking and smart suggestion and your email may be erroneously marked as invalid.

StrikeIron's solutions can be integrated as Web services into your application or platform. You can use the Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene APIs or package options to integrate StrikeIron. It provides real-time results regardless of platform, so you can easily switch platforms and be sure your email addresses are valid.

Abstract Email Verification API increases deliverability and cleans your email lists with an industry-leading success rate

Validating Email Addresses using REST

The REST protocol can be used to check email on-the-fly or programmatically. This allows you to filter out invalid emails, and scam emails before they are saved to the database. StrikeIron Web services can be called using REST.

In this case, the client, which may be a web browser or an application, sends a request to the StrikeIron data processing server. It must contain an email address to be verified, a user id, and a password.

Upon receiving the request, the StrikeIron service checks and returns a response whether the email address is valid or not.

Below is an example of a request to the StrikeIron server.[UserID]&LicenseInfo.RegisteredUser.Password=[Password]&VerifyEmail.Email=[EmailAddress]&VerifyEmail.Timeout=[TimeoutValue]

All the necessary parameters are passed through the query string. Instead of the values ​​that are in square brackets, you need to enter your respective parameter values.

The value of the Timeout parameter must be an integer between 30 and 120. It specifies the number of seconds that must elapse before a timeout occurs. It's necessary because some mail servers may take some time to respond to various SMTP requests, and you don't want to delay any processing you do for an indefinite period.

Downside to StrikeIron Email Validation

While you can sometimes successfully use StrikeIron to verify emails, there are also significant downsides to how it works.

StrikeIron's solutions do not always work correctly. Sometimes a real email address erroneously can be marked as invalid. If such a situation arises in email marketing, it can lead to the loss of potential clients and, accordingly, to lost profits.

StrikeIron also marks emails that use aliases (for example, info@, support@, etc.) as invalid, although sometimes it becomes necessary to communicate with customers through such emails.

In other cases, StrikeIron cannot recognize some invalid emails and mark them as valid.

When using StrikeIron to check large lists of emails, its price increases dramatically. Therefore, the cost of using the service could outweigh the benefits. It can be cheaper for your email marketing campaign to lose money on sending letters to invalid emails than to pay for their verification.

One of the top alternatives of StrikeIron is Abstract.

Abstract email verifier allows you to verify emails with almost 100% accuracy in real-time. It offers a good selection of affordable pricing plans among which you will find the one that is right for you.

In addition, Abstract offers phone validation, phone append, SMS text messaging, email verification and hygiene, and sales tax solutions service for various organizations.

If you have any questions, you can search for additional information Abstract site or contact its support and get the answers you are interested in. Check the trial version of Abstract email verification for free and enjoy all its benefits.

Email Validation Resources

Email Validation FAQs

How Do You Verify An Official Email Address with StrikeIron?

First, StrikeIron checks if the email matches the standard format. Then it checks that the specified in the email domain exists and that it is not used by scammers. After that, the possibility of receiving letters by the specified email is checked. If there was a bounce or the letter got into spam, you can also find out about it.

What Does Send Verification Email Mean?

A verification email is an email that is used to verify that the specified email exists and that emails can be delivered to that email. This verification is often used when registering a new user on web site or in the application, creating subscriptions, changing a user's profile or settings, for security purposes, and in other cases. Send a verification email to verify the email manually by the user.

Is It Safe To Verify Your Email with StrikeIron?

Yes, the email verification process is safe. StrikeIron keeps the email address secret and is not used anywhere other than to verify it.

How Long Does It Take To Verify An Email?

Usually, email verification takes less than a second. However, this time may vary depending on your email provider. Some providers use a lot of filters before putting the email in the inbox, so the verification time may increase.

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