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Why do 10,000+ developers trust Abstract?

Easy to implement and maintain

We built Abstract because most of the API's we've used in the past simply weren't great. Our APIs are built the way we think API's should be: with excellent documentation, multiple easy to use libraries, and tutorials to get you started.

Speed and scale built into everything we do

Something like IP geolocation is probably part of a critical business processes and flow, so we built it (as all of our APIs) for use at scale and at blazing speeds. These aren't just marketing phrases, but fundamental features of our APIs.

Reliable uptime and great support

Developers trust Abstract because of our reliable uptime and excellent technical support that will help get you live quickly, keep you running smoothly, and resolve any issues you have fast regardless of where you are or what you're building.

Increase conversion and marketing effectiveness
with Abstract's Translation API

Easy to setup & integration with

Abstract strives in delivering the best developer experience.
You can get started with our translation API using a simple REST API or one of our many libraries including Python, Javascript and more. We also provide documentation, code samples, and support to help you start in no time.

Proprietary translation ML model

Abstract is using public and private data sources combined with a proprietary machine learning translation model to deliver the best accurate translation for any text.

Free plan to get started

Start integrating with Abstract without worrying about billing. Enjoy a large free plan while in your development and staging environment.

80+ languages to cover all use cases

Translate any text to over 80+ languages with our bi-directional language translation API.

Simple, transparent, and cost-effective pricing



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  • 500 requests / month
  • 1 request / second




  • 55,000 requests / month
  • 50 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Email support




  • 350,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Email support




  • 1,250,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Chat support
Need more requests, enterprise-grade SLA's, faster response time, or premium data?
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Frequently Asked Questions
about Abstract's Language Translation API

What is API translation?

An API translation service is a way of enabling ‘machine’ translation of text. It enables you to incorporate real-time translation of text into their products. This can be vital in enabling you to serve global markets.

How does a translation API work?

By using an API, you’re able to connect in real time to a dedicated translation service. This means that no data needs to be stored locally which releases you from ensuring that the data is up to date. The API will always be sourcing up to date data.

What are the features of the Translation API?

The key features are real time bi-directional translation of text in more than 80 languages. Abstract’s Translation API is a REST API. It can be implemented in languages including Python, JAVA and more.

Is it difficult to implement the Translation API?

Not at all. Clients have found that our API is so easy to implement that they can go live in just 24 hours.

What does the Translation API do?

Abstract's Language Translation API provides developers with a fast and reliable translation API that can be accessed through a REST API. The API takes a given text and returns its translation in over 80+ languages.

Where does the data for the Translation API come from?

Abstract works with a variety of public and private data sources. These data are constantly processed to feed a translation ML model that provides a best-in-class, fast and accurate translation technology. It connects to sources combined with a proprietary machine learning translation model to ensure accurate bi-directional translation in more than 80 languages.

Is there a free translation API?

Yes, our free translation API can serve 500 API requests per month at a maximum of one per second. This means that you’ll be able to implement services that depend upon translation without bearing any cost. It may also be possible to serve some light, non-commercial use cases at this tier.

But is it expensive if my needs scale above the free API limits?

No. For just $9 per month, Abstract’s Translation API can support up to 55,000 API requests per month at up to 500 per second. This means that you’ll be able to focus on scaling your business without worrying about excessive additional costs.

Can it scale to enterprise levels?

Absolutely. Our APIs are fast and scalable, and this is no exception. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your enterprise further with SLAs to ensure that your business never stops.

Language Translation API Changelog

Last Updated on 

May 31, 2023

May 31, 2023


Implemented a new machine learning model that improves translation accuracy across all languages

June 16, 2021


The Translation API is now in private beta

If you would like to join the private beta, please email or chat with us.

Developers love Abstract's Translation API

We were live in only 24h thanks to the ready-to-go code snippets and libraries.

Marc Colner, Markdown Tech

The translation quality is really impressive for a tool that performs almost instantaneous translations.

Judith Santiago, Developer

We're live translating a client's websites and Ads in over 10 languages which is just impressive.

Richard Jr Lesley, ForeverAds


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