Market Data API

Real time, historical, and intraday data
100,000+ tickers from worldwide markets
Simple to implement, easy to maintain
Lightning fast
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Why do 10,000+ developers trust Abstract?

Easy to implement and maintain

We built Abstract because most of the API's we've used in the past simply weren't great. Our APIs are built the way we think API's should be: with excellent documentation, multiple easy to use libraries, and tutorials to get you started.

Speed and scale built into everything we do

Something like stock market data is probably part of a critical business processes and flow, so we built it (as all of our APIs) for use at scale and at blazing speeds. These aren't just marketing phrases, but fundamental features of our APIs.

Reliable uptime and great support

Developers trust Abstract because of our reliable uptime and excellent technical support that will help get you live quickly, keep you running smoothly, and resolve any issues you have fast regardless of where you are or what you're building.

Get the latest, most reliable data from global markets
with Abstract's Market Data API

Comprehensive, world-wide coverage of market data

Abstract's Market Data API works directly with 90+ global exchanges to bring you the latest, most reliable data for any equity or security needed

Live, intraday, and historical data

However you need your data, Abstract's Market Data API delivers with multiple options to report on markets

Simplest REST API for Market Data

Abstract provides a simple yet powerful REST API to access market data. We also provide documentation, code samples, and support to help you start using market data in production fast.

Equities, ETF's, indices, and more

You not only get access to live, historical, and intraday data from global markets, but coverages of many different types of financial products. Make sure to also check out our exchange rate API and VAT validation API.

Simple, transparent, and cost-effective pricing



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  • 500 requests / month
  • 1 request / second




  • 10,000 requests / month
  • 50 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Email support




  • 100,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Email support




  • 250,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Chat support
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Frequently Asked Questions
about Abstract's Market Data API

What does the Market Data API do?

Abstract's Market Data API provides market data, such as the latest price of individual securities or equities, as well as other financial products like indices, ETFs, and more. This data is available live, as well as through an intraday and historical view. If you're looking for currency / FX rates, Abstract provides a separate Exchange Rate API.

Where does the data for the Market Data API come from?

Abstract works with a variety of public and private data sources, such the New York Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock ExchangeLondon Stock Exchange, and more. Once this data is ingested, Abstract applies proprietary data analysis and cleaning techniques to ensure the data is accurate and consistent, before making it available to our end customers.

Market Data API Changelog

Last Updated on 

September 5, 2023

September 5, 2023


Expanded documentation with guidelines on interpreting market volatility data

August 3, 2023


Enhanced data accuracy with a refined algorithm for market trends and predictions

July 7, 2023


Added a dataset to enhance coverage of financial products like equities, ETFs, and indices

May 30, 2023


Increased coverage of global market data from 90+ exchanges, with real-time, historical, and intraday data for over 100,000 tickers

July 7, 2021


The Market Data API is now in private beta!

Developers love Abstract's Market Data API

The Market Data API has saved us hours of work in scraping other sites and made our analysis much easier without all the heavy lifting.

Chris Stanley, Snapdata

We've been able to scrap tons of costly internal projects and just use [the Market Data API] instead, which has been a huge win for our team (and profits).

Julien Singer, Tahoe Market Research

No brainer for us to use the Market Data API. We looked at a bunch of different options and they're the best.

Jon Squire, developer


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