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January 23, 2024

Bulk Phone Number Validation: Your Complete Guide

Nick Johnson

Table of Contents:

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Navigating the Essentials of Bulk Phone Number Validation

In the fast-paced realm of digital communication, the precision of customer phone numbers is a linchpin for success in diverse industries, from marketing and data analysis to customer relationship management. Bulk phone number validation emerges as a key technological ally, transcending its conventional use to become a vital instrument in ensuring the accuracy of contact information. This guide delves into the realm of phone number validation, spotlighting its crucial role not only in targeted marketing initiatives but also in crucial areas like fraud prevention and seamless customer engagement. Join us as we explore how innovative tools like AbstractAPI are reshaping the landscape of phone validator services, offering streamlined, intuitive solutions essential for the modern digital era.

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Top 4 Best Leading Solutions in Bulk Phone Number Validation

When it comes to bulk number validation there are several phone verification tools available, a few examples include AbstractAPI,, Twilio, and MessageBird. Each of these services offers unique features and integrations that can enhance your workflow. For instance, AbstractAPI is known for its high-speed API that integrates seamlessly with top CRM and marketing platforms, allowing for automated synchronization of validated phone numbers. This integration is particularly beneficial for maintaining up-to-date and accurate customer contact information, which is essential for personalized marketing efforts and customer segmentation.

Detailed Comparison: Features, Pricing, and More

Feature AbstractAPI 🎯 Twilio 📞 💬 MessageBird 🐦 Description Robust validation API with global coverage and GDPR compliance. Versatile communication platform with number validation. Real-time validation services for SMS campaigns. Detailed network and status data via HLR API. API Response Parameters phone, valid, format, country, location, type, carrier MobileCountryCode, MobileNetworkCode, CarrierName, Type, ErrorCode Service status, Network operator, Ported status, Roaming status, Country id, href, msisdn, network, reference, details, status, createdDatetime, statusDatetime Coverage Over 190 countries 🌍 Worldwide (special approval for Canada) 🌐 Over 220 countries 195 countries Pricing Free to $17/month and up 🆓💲 $15.50 in trial credit. Starting at $0.008/request 💲 Pay-as-you-go at $0.006/query 💲 $0.011 per lookup 💲 Pros Global coverage, user-friendly, geolocation, CRM integrations, customer support, uptime Comprehensive API suite, scalability SMS campaign integration, app integrations, affordability Network-specific insights, ported and roaming status Cons Free plan limitations Complexity, slightly more expensive for pay-as-you-go Limited features Focused utility, lack of geographical data, higher cost


Description: AbstractAPI excels with its robust phone number validation and verification API, designed to enhance contact rates and clean contact lists. It provides a comprehensive solution for detecting fake and invalid numbers, identifying carriers and line types, and supports over 190 countries. This phone validation API is privacy-friendly, adhering to GDPR and CCPA standards, and is trusted by top engineering teams worldwide.  You can access this service either via API calls or through their easy-to-use web app which both offer bulk validation.

API Response Parameters:

  • phone: The submitted phone number.
  • valid: Boolean indicating if valid phone number
  • format: Includes international and local formats of the number.
  • country: Contains code (two-letter ISO code), name, and prefix (calling code).
  • location: Region, state, province, or city details.
  • type: Phone type of number (e.g., Landline, Mobile, Satellite, etc.).
  • carrier: The carrier the number is registered with.

Coverage: Over 190 countries.


  • Free Plan: 250 requests, 1 request/second.
  • Standard Plan: From $17/month billed yearly, 30,000 requests/year, up to 5 requests/second. Monthly from $49, 7,000 requests/month, up to 10 requests/second.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, 99.99% uptime SLA, SSO/SAML login, 24/7 support.


  • Global Coverage: Validates numbers from over 190 countries.
  • User-Friendly: Easy setup and minimal coding knowledge required.
  • Geolocation: Offers geolocation capabilities down to the city level.
  • CRM Integrations: Salesforce, Netsuite, Hubspot, and other integrations are support
  • Customer Support: Dedicated enterprise account manager and reliable assistance through various channels.
  • Uptime: 99.99% uptime SLA


  • Free Plan Limitations: This may not meet the needs of businesses with higher validation demands.

Integrations with CRM and Marketing Platforms for AbstractAPI

AbstractAPI's phone number validation service offers robust integrations with a wide range of CRM and marketing platforms, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of data management and marketing strategies. Key integrations include:

  • Salesforce & Pardot: Streamlines customer data management and marketing automation.
  • Marketo & HubSpot: Enhances marketing campaigns with clean, validated phone numbers.
  • Zapier & Make (Integromat): Enables easy integration with a multitude of apps for automated workflows.
  • Databricks & Snowflake: Integrates with big data platforms for enhanced data analysis.
  • AWS Data Exchange & Azure: Facilitates seamless data exchange and storage in cloud environments.
  • Splunk & GCP (Google Cloud Platform): Supports data analytics and cloud computing services.
  • NetSuite: Improves ERP and CRM functionalities with validated contact data.
  • Shopify & Magento: Enhances e-commerce platforms with reliable customer phone data.
  • Mailchimp: Integrates with email marketing services for better audience targeting.
  • Pipedream & Openprise: Offers automation solutions for various business processes.

2. Twilio

Description: Twilio is a versatile cloud communications platform that provides a suite of communication APIs, including phone number validation. Its Line Type Intelligence API delivers key data points and appeals to clients with its pay-as-you-go model, making it a dependable option for number validation and formatting.  Access to this service is exclusively through the API, which can be seamlessly integrated using Python or any preferred scripting language.

Twilio's Line Type Intelligence:

API Response Parameters:

  • MobileCountryCode: Three-digit code of the carrier.
  • MobileNetworkCode: Two-three digit code of the carrier (for mobile numbers).
  • CarrierName: Name of the carrier (subject to change).
  • Type: Phone number type (e.g., landline, mobile, fixed VoIP, etc.).
  • ErrorCode: Associated with the request, if any.

Coverage: Worldwide, though Canada requires special approval.


  • Pay-As-You-Go: Starting at $0.008/request.
  • Volume Discounts: Available for larger validation volumes.


  • Comprehensive API Suite: Offers a range of communication APIs beyond validation.
  • Scalability: Suitable for all business sizes.


  • Complexity: The wide range of services might be overwhelming for those seeking only phone number validation.
  • Pricing: Slightly more expensive for pay-as-you-go service.


Description: specializes in SMS campaigns and phone number validation, offering real-time validation services ideal for businesses focusing on text message marketing. Its ability to integrate with various apps ensures that SMS campaigns reach valid numbers, boosting engagement and conversion rates.  This service offers both a web app and API to validate phone numbers in bulk.

Data Points:

  • Service status: phone number is currently active or inactive
  • Network operator: the name of the registered carrier network
  • Ported status: if the phone number has been moved from one network to another
  • Roaming status: if the phone number is currently roaming on a different network
  • Country: the country where the phone number is registered and in use


  • Basic Plan: Pay-as-you-go at $0.006/query, minimum 50€ deposit.
  • Premium Plan: Advanced features and API access for higher request volumes.


  • SMS Campaign Integration: Ideal for businesses emphasizing text message marketing.
  • App Integrations: Compatible with various applications for streamlined workflows.
  • Affordable:  If you only need basic data points this service provides it is a bit less expensive compared to the other providers in our list.


  • Limited Features: This may lack the breadth of information provided compared to other services.

4. MessageBird

Description: MessageBird offers a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup API, focusing on detailed network and status data for phone number validation. This service is particularly useful for in-depth insights into the network status and provider-specific details of a phone number.  This particular service is available by API only for your bulk validation needs.

API Response Parameters:

  • id: Unique ID of the object.
  • href: URL of the object.
  • msisdn: Telephone number.
  • network: Network provider code.
  • reference: Client reference.
  • details: Includes IMSI, country ISO, country name, MSC location, ported status, and roaming status.
  • status: Status of the number (e.g., active, absent).
  • createdDatetime & statusDatetime: Creation and status dates/times.


  • Per Lookup: $0.011 per lookup.


  • Network-Specific Insights: Offers detailed network and status information.
  • Ported and Roaming Status: Unique data points for understanding mobile number status.


  • Focused Utility: Primarily beneficial for users needing detailed network information.
  • Lack of Geographical Location Data: Less focus on geographical location compared to other services.
  • Cost:  MessageBird is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum but provides extended network information in each lookup.

Safeguarding Data: Compliance and Privacy in Phone Number Validation

Adhering to data privacy laws and regulations, such as GDPR, is crucial in phone number validation. GDPR compliance involves ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data for individuals within the European Union. Phone number validation tools must handle data securely and provide transparency in how this data is used. Moreover, these tools should implement stringent data security measures to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. By prioritizing compliance and data privacy, phone number validation tools not only adhere to legal requirements but also build trust with users by safeguarding their sensitive information.

Why Choose AbstractAPI for Bulk Validation?

Choosing AbstractAPI for bulk phone number validation means opting for a solution that excels in efficiency, coverage, and ease of use. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Extensive Global Reach: AbstractAPI's capability to validate and verify numbers across over 190 countries ensures that your business can operate on a global scale without boundaries. This wide coverage is crucial for businesses with international clients or those looking to expand globally.
  • Comprehensive Data Points: With data points including phone number formats (both international and local), country details (like code, name, and prefix), location information, phone number type (landline, mobile, etc.), and carrier details, AbstractAPI provides a depth of information that is invaluable for businesses seeking detailed insights into their contact lists.
  • User-Friendly Design: The API is engineered for simplicity, demanding minimal setup and coding expertise. This accessibility allows both technical and non-technical users to leverage their full potential effortlessly, making it a practical choice for businesses of all sizes and tech capabilities.
  • Reliable Customer Support: AbstractAPI doesn’t just offer a tool; it ensures a supported experience. With a commitment to reliable customer assistance, users can expect prompt and effective support, ensuring smooth operations and quick resolutions to any issues.
  • Robust Security and Compliance: In today’s world where data privacy is paramount, AbstractAPI’s adherence to GDPR and CCPA standards demonstrates its commitment to data security and privacy. This adherence makes it a trustworthy choice for businesses conscious about protecting their and their customer’s data.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Catering to businesses of varying sizes and needs, AbstractAPI offers a range of pricing plans, including a free option for small-scale operations and custom enterprise solutions for larger demands. This flexibility ensures that businesses can choose a plan that best fits their validation requirements without overcommitting resources.

In summary, AbstractAPI combines extensive global coverage, comprehensive data points, user-friendly design, dependable support, and strict adherence to security and privacy standards. These features make it an optimal choice for businesses seeking a reliable, detailed, and accessible bulk phone number validation service.

Integrations with CRM and Marketing Platforms

Bulk phone number validation tools like AbstractAPI offer seamless integration with various CRM and marketing platforms, enhancing workflow efficiency. These integrations allow for automated synchronization of validated phone numbers directly into CRM systems, ensuring that customer contact information is always up-to-date and accurate. This synergy between validation tools and CRM platforms greatly aids in personalizing customer interactions, improving contact rates, and reducing failed deliveries.

Marketing platforms benefit from these integrations by receiving clean and verified phone data, which is crucial for successful campaign execution and analytics. The integration capabilities of tools like AbstractAPI streamline operations, reduce manual data entry errors, and contribute to more effective marketing strategies and customer relationship management.

Benefits of Validating Phone Numbers in Bulk

Validating phone numbers in bulk offers numerous benefits that can significantly impact the success of your business operations. Here are some key advantages:

Improve Contact Rates: By ensuring that your phone numbers are accurate, you increase the likelihood of reaching your intended audience.
Enhance Data Quality: Validation helps maintain a clean database, free from incorrect or outdated information.
Reduce Failed Deliveries: Accurate phone numbers mean fewer failed attempts at reaching customers, whether for marketing or critical communications.
Fraud Prevention: Validating numbers can help identify and prevent fraudulent activities, especially in sectors like finance and e-commerce.
Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to TCPA and other regulations is easier when you have a validated list of contacts.
Cost Savings: By avoiding wasted efforts on invalid numbers, you can allocate resources more effectively and reduce operational costs.

How to Validate Phone Numbers in Bulk with AbstractAPI

Validating phone numbers in bulk can be a straightforward process with the right tool. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use AbstractAPI for bulk phone number validation:

1. Sign Up: Create an account with AbstractAPI and choose the appropriate plan based on your needs.
2. Prepare Your List: Organize the phone numbers you wish to validate in a CSV file, ensuring the correct format.
3. Upload and Validate: Either load the spreadsheet manually in the web app or use the provided API endpoint to upload your list and initiate the validation process.
4. Receive Results: AbstractAPI will process your list and return the validation results, flagging any invalid or suspicious numbers.
5. Integrate with Your Systems: Take advantage of AbstractAPI's integration options to sync the validated numbers with your CRM or marketing platform.

By following these steps, you can efficiently validate a large volume of phone numbers, enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach and data management efforts.

Conclusion: The Importance of Phone Number Validation in Today's Digital World

In conclusion, phone validation tools are a critical component of modern business operations. It ensures the reliability of customer data, enhances marketing efforts, and supports compliance with legal standards. Tools like AbstractAPI provide a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses for phone verification in bulk, offering features like real-time verification, global coverage, and seamless integrations with CRM and marketing platforms.

Whether you're a marketing professional, data analyst, or CRM manager, leveraging the power of bulk phone number validation can lead to improved customer satisfaction, better conversion rates, and overall business growth. With the right validation tool, you can trust that your contact lists are accurate, up-to-date, and ready to support your business objectives.


What formats are supported for uploading phone number lists?
Most bulk phone number validation tools accept CSV or Excel file formats for uploading phone lists.

How accurate are phone number validation tools?
These tools are highly accurate, often using real-time data from telecommunication providers. However, accuracy can vary slightly depending on the tool and data source.

Can international phone numbers be validated?
Yes, most validation tools support international phone number validation across multiple countries and territories.

How are invalid numbers handled?
Invalid numbers are typically flagged or removed during the validation process, allowing users to cleanse their contact lists effectively.

Is there a limit to the number of phone numbers I can validate at once?
This varies by provider. Some offer bulk validation services with high limits or no limits at all, while others may have specific caps per request or subscription plan.

How do phone number validation tools manage privacy and data security?
Reputable validation tools adhere to strict data privacy and security protocols, including encryption and compliance with regulations like GDPR, to protect user data.

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