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    ? apikey = URKEY123
    & ip =

    "city": "Caen",
    "city_geoname_id": 3029241,
    "region": "Normandie",
    "region_iso_code": "FR-NOR",
    "region_geoname_id": 11071621,
    "postal_code": "14949",
    "country": "France",
    "country_code": "FR",
    "country_geoname_id": 3017382,
    "country_is_eu": true,
    "continent": "Europe",
    "continent_code": "EU",
    "continent_geoname_id": 6255148,

Why do they trust Abstract?

Excellent data and worldwide coverage

Our long-standing relationships with ISP's and other data providers enable us to provide highly accurate and consistent data that you will not find with other providers.

Daily updates to our data

Having the latest data is important when you're using IP geolocation for key business processes, so we get the latest data each day to give you the most accurate results.

IPv4 and IPv6 coverage

Our IP geolocation datasets cover both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as 1.75+ million locations across 225,000+ cities around the world, so you always have the most accurate results.

Timezone details included

If you want to know the location of an IP, it may be helpful to know other details about it, like the timezone, current time, GMT offset, and more. That's all included in our responses.

Country flag and other details included

The IP geolocation responses are also enriched with details about the country the user is location in, such as its flag (in SVG, PNG, emoji, and unicode), as well as other details.

Simple yet powerful REST API

The IP Geolocation API is designed with the perfect balance of simplicity and powerful in a single, modern REST API. It's made to provide quick time to value and an excellent developer experience.

CSV upload available for bulk queries

Not everyone will have the need or expertise to integrate directly with the IP Geolocation API, so Abstract provides an easy-to-use CSV upload tool.

Bank-level security for all queries

Security is very important to us, so all data that is sent to Abstract's IP Geolocation API and processed by Abstract is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS).

Simple, transparent, and cost-effective pricing



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  • 200,000 requests / month
  • 50 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Email support




  • 1,500,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Email support




  • 5,000,000 requests / month
  • 500 requests / second
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Premium enriched data
  • Chat support
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